I Have An Unusual Situation

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Re: I Have An Unusual Situation

Postby sundance95 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:41 pm

Diiizzzzoooo wrote:
cortnf wrote:You definitely need to provide an explanation. I would focus on your reliance on the job because of your children. I think you have a compelling story, and have legitimate reasons for wanting to go to law school. You could have an absolutely killer PS and DS.

If you score 170+, you have an very real shot at Fordham with money. Be careful about Fordham though. Although it's a good law school, their job prospects are not amazing, and I'd be very wary of taking on debt to finance an education from there.

What other choices do I have? I need to stay close to that area because of my kids. So, we have St. John's, Cordoza, UCONN, Quinnipiac, Brooklyn, or Hofstra.

If I were you and scored above a 170, I'd apply everywhere-including NYU and Colombia. Under normal circumstances you'd have no shot, but your story is unique and compelling enough that you may in fact turn out to be a special snowflake. I'm not sure anyone here could predict your cycle.

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