Please help with the transcript question

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Please help with the transcript question

Postby atkpl » Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:50 pm


I am a non-US citizen, but I went to college here for four years full time, and the school I am going to now is the ONLY college I legally attended.

However, during summer vacations, I took some courses in college in different countries (not exchange program)

I got some credit hours for doing that.

I was wondering if I needed to send the transcript from the school in another country so I CALLED LSAC, and they said NO

because the credit hours I received are not even worth one semester.

So I was relieved to hear that because I didn't really put effort on this since I knew this wasn't going into my GPA.

And my transcript says complete on my LSAC account.

However, I was writing some apps and noticed that schools say "transcripts from all undergraduate schools"

But they require us to have transcript sent via LSAC Credential Assembly Service right?

So if that transcript from foreign university is not required by LSAC Credential Assembly Service, do I still need to send them to law school on my own?

I know some school like Columbia(which I am not even applying) specifically asks us to do that, but is this normal for law schools to ask us to send those transcript outside of LSAC CAS?

Thanks for any help guys..

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Re: Please help with the transcript question

Postby MysticalWheel » Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:33 pm

Go with whatever LSAC says: if they don't require it, don't send stuff on your own unless a school specifically contacts you about something (and there should be no reason why they would do that because how are they even going to know about it anyways?). If any school says "Oh snap! You didn't submit this and blah blah blah," you can counter with "Uh, LSAC said it should not be reported, and I applied to your school through LSAC, so stfu and give me my scholarship."


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