NW makes me feel inadequate

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NW makes me feel inadequate

Postby Kabuo » Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:34 pm

Does anyone else feel like a loser after applying to NW? I don't have any full time WE, just 30-40 hour part time jobs that aren't at all impressive (though I did hold them all through UG). They don't even want my LORs, which is a bummer because they tie perfectly into my PS which alludes to someday hoping to be in academia (not exactly NW's focus from what I can tell). I must have left 1-2 pages worth of blanks on that app. They've basically stripped away everything that makes me into an ok applicant besides my LSAT.

I only applied because they waived the fee and I have a realistic shot at getting shut out of T14, but after finishing it, even the $12 seems like a total waste.

Did I mention that they don't want LORs!? Wtf.


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Re: NW makes me feel inadequate

Postby shoop » Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:15 am

I guess I would feel like more of a loser for wanting to go into academia than I would for applying to NU.

I do, however, kind of feel like a tool for applying to a school that is arguably on the forefront of the "businessification" of the legal profession.

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