Associates+Master's in Comp. Sci and chances for IP Law

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Associates+Master's in Comp. Sci and chances for IP Law

Postby kltar » Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:35 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm seriously considering pursuing IP Law, specifically Patent Law. I realize that in order to sit for the Patent Bar Exam one is required to have a bachelor's in a hard science, or the equivalent in work experience, with the exception of computer science (which depending on the courses taken, would involved what some may consider hard science). I have a few concerns and questions that I'm hoping anyone/someone could shed some light on to help me prepare for a return to school.

First, I have an Bachelor's in Fine Arts, so in order to get a Comp. Sci degree, I 'd have to go back to get a second bachelor's. Is it worth it to get a second bachelor's degree in order to pursue IP Law, or can I still do it by getting an Associate's in Comp. Sci and combine that with a Master's in Comp. Sci?

Second, if I chose that latter option, would that hurt my chances of getting into a top tier law school or even worse, getting a job when I am done with school? I am only considering the latter option because I have read that it would be more time and cost efficient to get an associate's degree or even go straight into a master's program if you already have a bachelor's degree, especially if you're trying to break into a new profession.

And lastly, what are the job prospects for someone with a Computer Science degree being in demand as an IP Attorney? I've read mixed reviews on the prospects of this speciality on other forums, please advise.

Thanks in advance,


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