Dealing with pending charges

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Dealing with pending charges

Postby monkeychunks » Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:20 am

So I was falsely accused of assault days before the October LSAT by a jealous ex, who claims I pulled a knife on her in the event of a heated discussion, when in fact, she was wielding the knife she claims I used. Anyways, the case apparently must be tried, and the court date is set for early January, thanks to our swift justice system. My attorney says the whole thing should blow over and I'll be acquitted/charges dropped/case thrown out, but in the meantime, it looks really bad for apps. I got a 170 on the October LSAT despite going 72 hours without sleep in a holding cell waiting for bail just prior, so I'm retaking in December.

Should I hold off on submitting apps until charges clear or do the best to explain the case and submit as soon as my December LSAT scores post? The court date could easily be delayed longer. Also, what about writing an essay on this (assuming things work out ok!) and reflecting on Fifth Amendment rights, innocence until proven guilt and the consequences and losses endured by those falsely accused? Would it be better just to wait things out and submit on day 1 of the next cycle?


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Re: Dealing with pending charges

Postby 12262010 » Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:25 am

did your attorney tell you to post this on the internet instead of asking him what to do? realistic flame brah.

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