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Re: Anyone ever fudge the hrs/wk of your employment??

Postby Buffalo Bill » Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:09 pm

Morality aside -- I would have to agree with an earlier post that the possibility that the C&F panel/review would track down an employer to match up hours with your application is slim to not going to happen. Obviously lying on your application is not advisable for a number of reasons. However, I would think that the more jobs your worked, the more likely fudging on one job wouldn't become detected. From my understanding of C&F, they send out a questionnaire to some employers and generally the more recent ones just to verify you did in fact work there. Friends that have taken the bar laugh at my suggestions that the bar reviews your law school application in its entirety. So while I am not advocating lying, I think the likelihood you get caught is minimal at best.

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