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meeting medians/25ths &75ths chances at ND???

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:26 pm
by lolol10
whats the deal with admission regarding meeting their score reqs? there was some thread going on awhile ago that said if you meet any of the medians you will be waitlisted?? i am in probably the 70ish percentile for GPA for the school(ND) i really would like to attend however i am just below the 25th on lsat. to say the least i suck at taking standardized tests. i know softs dont matter all that much but i attended ND ug and was a very active student with various, somewhat prestigious, leadership positions. what do you think my chances are?

i am considering retaking the lsat in dec for a higher score, however i am concerned this will jeopardize my chances at getting in if i do not raise it enough to be competitive.