0L Summer Employment

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0L Summer Employment

Postby yoitsmebenny » Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:41 pm

I'm finishing up my last year of undergrad, and I was wondering what types of employment 0Ls get during the summer. As a business student, I've had major internships that paid fairly well each summer of college, but I fear I won't qualify for many internships related to my major (Business Information Systems) seeing as I already will have my degree by summer.

I also don't want to trick companies into thinking I'll be a full-time employee for a substantial period and then leave for school after 3 months.

I've got interviews with some prestigious consulting firms coming up next week and I'm wondering how to approach the whole "I'm going to law school, can I have a temp position?"

I certainly don't want to have to flip burgers for the summer. My job during the school year requires me to be an enrolled student at the university to keep my position, so I can't stay doing that either.

What are you guys doing for employment?


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Re: 0L Summer Employment

Postby BlueDiamond » Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:50 pm

Before anything else I'd give the consulting firms notice of your plans before going so as not to waste their time if they aren't looking to fill a temporary position. But by summer time you'll already have been admitted somewhere and accepted. So, work wherever you want. Lemonade stand.. paper boy.. whatever

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Re: 0L Summer Employment

Postby Prairie » Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:23 pm

yoitsmebenny wrote:I've got interviews with some prestigious consulting firms coming up next week

Have you considered working for a year or two (or longer)? If there is good pay and a reliable escalator to promotion/advancement you should consider just putting your degree to work now. Also, with your good LSAT score you can come back to law school anytime, probably with better experience than most of your peers (including me). This gets you around the 3-month issue. It's nice and all that you want to be "courteous" to your employers, but you don't really owe them any loyalty at this point in your life, IMHO.


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Re: 0L Summer Employment

Postby cowgirl_bebop » Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:40 am

Thankfully I plan to go back to the same place I interned at last summer. They know Im going to law school, so its no problem. Im a business major too (finance), and I have been doing government contracting for the past two years, after 1 year in investment banking :?

I would say just look for internships in the area you plan to live in during the summer that are either not degree specific or do not require too many set skills. When I decided that finance wasnt for me and that government contracting was not for me, I just worked the front desk at a government contractor as an admin intern. There are a bunch of easy administrative jobs available during the summer and I would recommend. My pay was pretty good and it wasnt too difficult.

If you dont mind answering phones, sending faxes, and keeping calendars for pay for a few months, I suggest looking into that. Its better than flipping burgers (or going back to Dunkin Donuts in my case) and they dont mind if you cut out after the summer is done and dont come back. The internship programs for companies that offer these kinds of positions are a lot less formal than business internships.

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Re: 0L Summer Employment

Postby 4for44 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:59 pm

I'm in the same boat with OCI coming up for the big 4 Consulting firms. From my perspective, I'm viewing consulting as a back-up if I dont get into the schools I want. Like Prairie said, experience can't hurt, you and may put you in a better position for applying next fall (or in two years). At least thats how I'm justifying all the work I'm putting into the interview process right now. Oh... and money to pay off UG loans :)

TL/DR- keep your options open

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