To mention or not to mention

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Re: To mention or not to mention

Postby psychlaw » Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:17 pm

Is there a special reason why your GPA is the way it is? Was it just because you didnt go to class or do the work? If so dont write an addendum, but if there were extenuating circumstances then I would say write one.
For example my GPA is below a 3.0, but it is because of one class I got an F in. In that class I had an A average, but in the lab we were required to do a presentation and my partner decided not to show up that day. This resulted in not being able to present and therefore a failing grade in the lab. At my UG if you fail a lab you fail the entire class.

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Re: To mention or not to mention

Postby Rocketman11 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:46 pm

robotclubmember wrote:
flyingpanda wrote:
rad law wrote:
robotclubmember wrote:To put it in perspective, the weighting for items in your applications are more or less like this: 35% LSAT, 35% GPA, 30% PS, LOR's, and softs (including work experience).


Robot srsly... you need to stop talking about things you don't have much knowledge about. You're giving out really bad advice (this thread and the UVA ed one).

The average person in the UVA ED thread getting in was with LSATs of 170, 171, 172, whatever, and GPA's that were typically 3.25 and up. 170 3.0 is still precarious, especially considering he hadn't already applied. UVA overadmitted last year and had to defer some of the admitted applicants (offering them scholly money) to the Class of 2014 as well. Don't expect that there will be the same level of admissions success as last year, even if at the very beginning of the cycle it looks that way. If anything that should tell you admissions will tighten up more as the cycle progress, that's just math. Same number of seats as last year, but several dozen seats already occupied by deferred students. If lots of people are getting offers early, it will tighten up, and he hasn't already applied. I really don't think it's a solid lock like you guys seem sure of, but hey, what do I know.

As for this thread, I know the LSAT is considered more important than the GPA. But either will sink you if you fall out of the right range. But it does vary. I think everyone here can agree that some schools like Berkeley, Yale, Stanford, really demand high GPA's, while you can get away with the same kind of LSAT that could get you into CCN or even T7-T14 in many cases. Some schools really cut breaks for splitters with high LSAT's. It's true outside of T14 as well. I'm just curious how you would weight it. If you're going to criticize a man's advice, at least give him the correct numbers so he knows not to repeat his mistakes (even though I think you guys are insane, lol).

30% PS, LOR and Softs? you are way out of touch with reality. The exact breakdown will depend on the school, but:

95%: LSAT and GPA (artificially boosted with URM status)
5%: Everything else

There are always a few outliers in the system, like the blind paraplegic who saved the life of mother theresa, or a Kennedy. But for those ITT, the above formula is pretty much understood to be just shy of gospel.

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Re: To mention or not to mention

Postby DearCan » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:41 pm

CanadianWolf wrote:It would be interesting to know your target law schools & LSAT because your GPA is going to cause difficulties at most Tier One law schools since your undergraduate institution does not have a reputation for tough grading. Are you considering Tier Two law schools ?

I've been checking out grade inflation and my UG's grading system isn't hurt either way. No inflation and no deflation.

As for my GPA, I was diagnosed with a pretty serious illness sophomore year, and that semester just bombed. I was able to get incompletes in two classes which I retook, no penalty. Later in UG I got mono, which resulted in tonsillitis. Had to have surgery, and that impacted my UGPA. I'm writing a short, factual addendum. My GPA for my last three semesters rose substantially, so they'll see that on my transcript.

I haven't taken the LSAT yet, so I won't speculate there except to say that I'm capable of a 170+. I'm applying to several Tier 1 schools, 2 T14 schools, and I have safeties in T2. Once my LSAT comes out, I'll have a better idea of what chance I have so my list could change.

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