Good Questions for Law School Fair?

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Rik Smits

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Good Questions for Law School Fair?

Postby Rik Smits » Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:47 pm

My UG is hosting a law school fair this week, and I'm curious as to what questions I should ask each of the school's representatives. Things I'm interested in:

    Does your school offer a health law-related clinic? (my desired field at the moment)
    How many recruiters come to your school's OCI and what's the trend over the last few years?
    How is your school's employment placement (very regional, or does it have some portability)?
    How generous are your financial aid offers for students well above the median in LSAT and GPA?

Any more ideas? Are these appropriate questions to ask? Will I actually be able to get any useful information from this?


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Re: Good Questions for Law School Fair?

Postby frost » Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:24 pm

It's a fair so you can ask them whatever you want. They won't be taking notes on who you are and what you're asking. Information on clinics are usually easy to find on the school website, and I could be wrong but health law clinics are not very commonplace. It might be better to start by asking about their clinical program in general or just looking it up online if you're interested in the school. Also, keep in mind that the reps will probably give you the best possible (aka, exaggerated) answers to the employment and financial aid questions you listed. It's probably better to gauge employment prospects and grant information by talking to current students, recent alums, or checking sites like TLS and LSN.

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