Will I receive Fee Waivers from my June LSAT now?

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Will I receive Fee Waivers from my June LSAT now?

Postby GWolfe703 » Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:10 am

So I took the June 2010 LSAT and the score I got definitely qualifies me for some merit-based fee waivers. My problem is that I didn't give the go ahead to the LSAC Candidate Referral Service, since I assumed it would just send me a bunch of junk like college mailings for undergrad. After looking at this forum a few days ago I realized my mistake and activated the CRS, but am I too late to receive fee waivers? Do law schools continually search for LSAT scores in their range or do they make one pass after each score release and then wait for the next test? If the latter is the case then I guess I would just be better of calling them up, but I'd rather that the waivers come to me without my urging.

Also how am I notified of a fee waiver? Do I get an email, or is their some page hidden on the labyrinthine LSAC website that I have to constantly check?

Thanks for the help, and good luck to everyone in their cycles.

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Re: Will I receive Fee Waivers from my June LSAT now?

Postby beachbum » Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:14 am

I believe most schools do multiple CRS searches for fee waiver candidates. Still, it would be worth your time to check the fee waiver thread and e-mail the schools that have already given them out.

Most merit-based fee waivers are sent via e-mail, but some may be hidden. Do a forum search for "hidden waiver" to find instructions on how to uncover these.

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