Suggestions on where to apply

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Suggestions on where to apply

Postby gharris » Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:09 pm

Hey, I am a splitter as you call it on this forum. I'm confused over what are reach schools, what are a waste of my time to even consider, and whether I should just aim for safety schools in hopes of getting $$$, since I'm out of the top 14, 24, 37, or whatever brackets you want to put on the list. My stats are a 3.72 GPA from a private tier-1 undergrad institution. My LSAT is a 158. I have taken it twice, so retaking is really not on the table. Any advice on where I am in the ballpark or if I should just scrap it and try and get money somewhere, would be greatly appreciated. I don't really want to work in a big corporate firm, or box myself in with specializing in something niche that a school is really good in, but weak everywhere else. I guess I am just looking for a well-rounded legal education.


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Re: Suggestions on where to apply

Postby reverendt » Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:33 pm

You will probably get accepted at many schools ranked 50-100 (especially as you get near 100). You're fine for tiers 3 and 4.
You're probably not going to get much $$ from 50-100 schools. You might get some from the lower tiers.
My advice (unless you're not worried about getting a job) is to apply to schools in 50-100 and t3 that:
1) are in a region/city where you'd be happy spending at least 5 years after graduation; AND
2) are the only and/or dominant (best) law school in that region/city. wary of going to an overly pricey school unless they're giving you some good $.

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