Boalt Class of 2013 stats

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Boalt Class of 2013 stats

Postby westbayguy » Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:37 pm

Entering Class ProfileEach year, the Admissions Office seeks to admit a group of talented, diverse, and dynamic students to form an entering class and join the Berkeley Law community.

Berkeley Law is among the most selective law schools in the country, but our approach to admissions reflects our commitment to admitting real people and not just numbers. We hope that the snapshot below gives you some sense of the diversity you will find at Berkeley Law.

The Berkeley Law community welcomes a student body that is diverse in many respects, including race, religion, and sexual orientation. We are pleased that our entering classes include students with a wide range of backgrounds, interests, life experiences, and perspectives.

Profile of the Class of 2013
Number of Applicants: 8,313
Number in Class: 288
Median LSAT: 167 (170 = 75th percentile, 163 = 25th percentile)
Median GPA: 3.80 (3.88 = 75th percentile, 3.64 = 25th percentile)

• Mean age: 25
• 7% are age 30-38
• 59% women
• 54% people of color
• 27 different birthplace countries

113 undergraduate schools represented. Most predominant are UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, UCSD, USC, Brown, Yale, Penn
77 undergraduate majors. Most predominant are political science, history, English, economics, international relations, philosophy, sociology

15% have a graduate degree (35 M.A.; 9 Ph.D.) Ph.D.s or candidacies are in: Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, Philosophy, Jurisprudence & Social Policy, Chemistry, Neurobiology, Electrical & Computer Engineering, History, Anthropology

Before Law School - A Sample of Past Positions Held and Passions Pursued
From the Financial World: Securities and financial analysts and economic consultants

From Journalism: News reporters and editors of mainstream and campus papers, magazines, blogs, web sites, and journals

From Science and Technology: Software engineers, scientists, and biomedical researchers who hold 7 patents among them

From the Art World: Aspiring thespians, artists, photographers, dancers, vocalists, and musicians, including an opera singer, a member of a gamelan orchestra, 3 professional ballet dancers (one a principal with the San Francisco Ballet), members of at least 3 different touring and recorded bands, 3 professional actors, a radio commercial voice-over performer, a lead performer from the Broadway production of “Stomp”, a concert pianist, a fire performance artist, and a member of the LA Lakers dance team

Paula Abdul at Boalt?

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Re: Boalt Class of 2013 stats

Postby Hannibal » Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:55 pm

There's already a topic about this.


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