Applying for law school with a summer graduation?

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Applying for law school with a summer graduation?

Postby sundance13 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:08 pm

I'll be graduating next July, but took my LSATs this summer and did fairly well for the range of schools I'd like to apply to. The only problem is, I had a medical withdrawal following a semester of really bad grades. I transferred to a new school starting this fall, and shouldn't have any trouble graduating by July. But my question is...will schools be willing to consider me with a 3.0/163 after I failed almost every class a year ago, then withdrew the next semester? I'll only have (hopefully) one good semester of grades on my transcript (this fall semester's) by the time I'm applying. Worth it or wait another year? And just to be clear, I'm looking at regional state schools and some less selective private ones. No top tiers for this girl...

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