My wife is going to a top 5 law school and I am depressed

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Re: My wife is going to a top 5 law school and I am depressed

Postby lawschoolhelp » Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:58 pm

SwollenMonkey wrote:
blackhawk1 wrote:I need words of wisdom or advice. My wife just got off the waitlist of a top 5 law school. I don't want her know I am writing this, so I am not going to say which exact school or where we are exactly from. We also live about 2000 miles away from this law school. She took her LSATs, did real well and applied. I thought she was going to apply for a local school and attend for free.

Now she is leaving in two weeks for law school. We have only been married three years and been together for 8 years. I wish I could move, but bc of a medical problem with my family, I can't. I am not as smart as her. I have a good paying job, but nothing that great. I am not smart enouph to go to law school, medical school or business school. I think I am going to lose her. She says she is going to come back after law school. She says she wants to live where we live now and have a family. After she goes to x law school, I think she is not going to want to come back to bumblefck america. I want her to be happy, but I feel like I restrict her from achieving her dreams. We are now going to use the money we saved for having a family and buying a home for her first year tuition. She says she will take out a loan for the following two years.

I want to have a family soon, but I know that is not going to happen. I have a feeling she is going to meet another law student and not want to come back to me. I will visit her, but realistically, its going to be once every 6-10 weeks. She is already talking about firms to intern with in the summer in big cities. I can feel her slipping away from me.

Has anybody else been in this situation? How can I make sure I keep her? I really dont want to lose her. I am very depressed and do not know what to do.


First of all, I think its great that your wife got into such a great law school (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford or Chicago). I think you have a lot of bottled up emotions that you need to discuss with her. Going to law school is more difficult when you have a serious boyfriend, wife, family to think about. I know you say that a family reason prevents you from moving out with her. Have you thought about moving after a year? Perhaps, you could figure out how to take care of your family issues. Also, has she explored the idea of applying next year so you can plan for it better? I am sure if she got into a top 5 law school now, then she will be able to get in next year (perhaps with scholarship money?). If you think she is the one, then you need to communicate with her. I am lucky that my boyfriend is attending law school in the city where we live, but do not know what I would do if he had to move 2000 miles away. If you are this depressed, then you need to talk with your wife.

Good luck OP. I hope you two work it out and you are happy :)


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Re: My wife is going to a top 5 law school and I am depressed

Postby seasurf » Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:24 pm

sundevil77 wrote:
awesomepossum wrote:
awesomepossum wrote:best flame ever.

Just wondering...why would this be a flame if OP deleted his original comments?

Shouldn't a "flamer" be proud of his/her flame?

I guess you are right. Tough break for the OP.... I would hate it if my woman takes my savings and runs off the law school on the east coast. Even if I was married to my girlfriend, I would not let her take my money to attend to law school that far away from me. Dammnnnnnnnn


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Re: My wife is going to a top 5 law school and I am depressed

Postby Durhamdude » Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:21 pm

Yea she's going to leave you. Don't let that hoe take your money.

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Re: My wife is going to a top 5 law school and I am depressed

Postby vanwinkle » Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:22 pm

I think this thread has run its course.

Also, Durhamdude banned for trolling + alting.

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