How to get a ~4.0 with a healthy social life in undergrad?

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Re: How to get a ~4.0 with a healthy social life in undergrad?

Postby ajmanyjah » Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:33 pm

Go to a private school (grade inflation what!)

Take Sociology type classes (history, poli sci, anything that has multiple choice and still isn't a real subject)

I would say econ, but some consider this hard

Don't take Philosophy, Logic, Linguistics or Ethics, because the line between a B+ and an A is so vague and thin

Make sure if you think Psych is easy, you aren't taking ACTUAL psych, ie prereq's for all basic sciences and neuro classes

Basically don't do what I did, and go to a highly ranked public school, take a science, do honors theses, and take Org Chem just because you want to prove something to yourself

Though I find it stupid to waste good money getting a shite education when you could, I don't know, learn something and challenge yourself.

Also, cheat and don't get caught. And complain whenever you get anything lower than an A. Everyone around you will hate you, but you will do well.

(does anyone else find this question a bit sad on the holistic scheme of things?)

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