When to get letters of recommendation?

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When to get letters of recommendation?

Postby Pahnda » Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:50 am

So, I'll give you a brief background before my question so you have a bit of context.

I'm currently working as an engineer here in Canada (SCADA systems development), and it's been a year and one month since I graduated with a 3.82/4.00 (LSDAS GPA works out to be 3.92) and started working. I took the June 2010 LSAT and got a solid 172, which is the first and only time I took the LSAT. This got me thinking of reaching for something higher than the Universities here in Canada. However, I realize that a lot of the higher-up Universities in America require at least a few letters of recommendation. I could easily get a handful of these due to engineering projects during university, the fact that I took a lot of Japanese and engineering classes with the same professor, and from my work experience here in Canada and when I was working in Japan as an engineering intern student.

My plan is to work in Canada for one more year, until Summer of 2011. Then I will, if I get accepted, go teach English in Japan for a year through the JET program, which will carry me to Summer of 2012. The reason is I'm shooting for as high of a level of Japanese proficiency as I can attain before studying Law and I just enjoyed living in Japan before and may not have such a chance again. Plus I'm hoping it'll help out with some more soft factor development and give me some good and rounded work experience. :)

I am looking to apply to law school in early in 2011 for admission in 2012 and am wondering when I should get letters of recommendation. Does it look bad if I get them now, since it's pretty much exactly a year before I'll even going to be applying with them? I worry that in the next year the letters these people could write (except for those who I currently work with) will be less 'effective' since I don't have nearly as much interaction with them as I did while I was in University.

Thanks to anyone who can give me some sage advice! :D

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