Resume-non trad. applicant do's don'ts

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Resume-non trad. applicant do's don'ts

Postby goawaybee » Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:51 am

looking for some input here. I have always been excessive and honest when it comes to my history whether it be work (lack there of), education, etc...

I am realizing that most adcomm folks although they appreciate the concept of diversity they mean it as an overall student body type of diversity vs. "oh look how much experience this mutant has in the real world"

I have been working for hmmm...since I was 15 yrs old always had a PT job through HS, 40-50hrs a week through undergrad (aside: have no clue how i partied my face off back then on top of it...100 hr weeks, chaos, never skipped class or work)etc...

At this point I am really trying to separate what they would want to see, I am not sure that I am in a good position if I only do a bullet point approach and focus on highlights and relevant experience vs. a much more classic chronological approach as to not leave any major gaps. Of course I believe that i am over analyzing the hell out of this but I have always been a tad out there compared to the general pop.

It all really falls apart the last few years when I straight up bailed from the whole big city/paper chase game in 06. I just bounced and didn't look back. Did a bunch of work for free for all types of organizations/people but there are some def. gaps over the past few years. I think the reasoning for those gaps is legit and sound but for all practical purposes in a very much "conventional, I am a normal human" way the res/cv will fall apart.

I opted not to work any REAL jobs the last few years to get my head on straight, cool out and take care of my family (parents/siblings) and now I am back on full bore in this life thing, just not sure what approach i should take with Res/CV.(holy hell what kind of punctuation is that) Just like letting the last adm person I met know that there was a DWAI on my books from years ago and being like," what kind of papers do you want me to get from the clerk of courts" all up in their grill about it. I am all about full disclosure, I embrace it.

No shame in my game, just feel that without looking at the entire picture my life makes 0 sense to most humans. On the flip side if I present it like a highlight reel there will be some pretty sizable gaps in the timeline....

Any insight into how to approach this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind of like, how do you package a bunch of crazy crayon drawings and package them as legit art ?

If need be I will come up with an A B C D E breakdown b/c I know you are all extremely familiar with that format. bahahaha


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Re: Resume-non trad. applicant do's don'ts

Postby hsprophet » Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:03 am

I would just make the resume in the traditional format (education, work experience, skills/honors). Leave off the jobs where you flipped burgers. For the work gaps, I would not address them in the resume (there's really not a mechanism to do so in a traditional resume format). I would explain the gaps in your personal statement.

Gaps in work history in my opinion are more critical to explain if you were applying for a job than for law school.

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