GPA & Trajectory Issues

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GPA & Trajectory Issues

Postby ebl1014 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:09 pm

My target schools are NYU, Georgetown, Columbia... (and I know that I may need to rethink these, but for now I still feel like I can dream a bit). My LSDAS GPA is a 3.47, and I am awaiting my June LSAT results but I have been practice testing from 165-175 (with the 175 being the most recent....). Here's the redeeming GPA trajectory, but I want to know how much you guys think it will be worth, especially to such competitive schools: (these are LSDAS calculated GPAs by the way)

(Sociology Major and Political Science Minor at good state school... "good" as far as state schools go)

Freshman Year- 2.36 (a serious drug problem almost led to the loss of a parent & I was not able to handle it being 2,000 miles away at school and admittedly immature)
Sophomore Year- 3.75
Junior Year- 3.97
Senior Year- 3.8 (3.89 if I delay applying for a year and include my grades from my electives that I need to take in the fall)

I have a couple questions regarding this trajectory...

1) Would it be worth it to delay my applications for another year and include the 4 electives that I need to take this fall in order to graduate? (which I am pretty confident that I can ace, which would bring my LSDAS GPA up from a 3.47 to a 3.53)

....I could also probably apply after my fall semester grades are posted, in mid-December, but I don't want to be one of the last people to get my sub-par application in. I feel like applying early is important. Am I wrong?

2) Is this grade trajectory going to make a lick of difference to T14 schools? (I will definitely submit an addendum, regardless of when I apply)

3) LSAT score aside (I'll retake that mother in October if I don't get what I need from it this time... *knocks wood* *does dance* *crosses fingers*), will this GPA give me a chance at any of those schools, or is it time to reconsider where I apply?

I know that answering the last question without the LSAT score is difficult, but any knowledge that any of you could lend to this situation would be VERY appreciated.

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Re: GPA & Trajectory Issues

Postby merichard87 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:42 pm

I would wait and let the GPA go up and give yourself a year to maybe do something interesting.

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