Could I be considered URM???

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Holly Golightly

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Re: Could I be considered URM???

Postby Holly Golightly » Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:51 am

>:-) wrote:Yeah retards piss me off. He quoted her saying what he tried to explain to screams inbred idiot. :x

It REALLY bothers me how many future lawyers on this board use "retard" derogatorily. A lot. To the point where I can't take it anymore and had to get that off my chest. Okay. Better.


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Re: Could I be considered URM???

Postby EzraStiles » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:24 am

>:-) wrote:Yeah retards piss me off.

Wow, just . . . wow. I have no comment; the puerile insensibility of your statement speaks for itself.

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Re: Could I be considered URM???

Postby mpasi » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:44 am

>:-) wrote:How could this level of stupidity not piss off anyone who read it? This idiot should be castrated to protect the human genome. :|
newyorker88 wrote:
mpasi wrote:Why does ethnicity/nationality matter? The race of the applicant should be about it, right? Hispanic is Hispanic, no matter what ethnic group you're in.

wtf? you do know there's no such race as hispanic right.

Or maybe you're just getting pissed off over a poor choice of words? You're not helping your cause by freaking out over it. I said Hispanic because most of the applications I come across say "Hispanic". Some say Latino. I'm not from that group, and it doesn't come up among my friends who are, so how am I going to know? A lot of people refer to themselves as Hispanic. It's not like I sat here and made derogatory comments. :/ If I'm misusing a term, then just say so. No need to have a coronary over it.

>:-) wrote:No shit sherlock, thats what she was trying to say. Learn to read.

No, dumbass, it's not. I was trying to say that they should all get the same consideration, instead of "ranking" them as vanwinkle explained. I don't think that's fair.

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Re: Could I be considered URM???

Postby lostjake » Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:54 am

I don't know how they can even pretend to be in compliance with this. I know at some schools they will take the information disclosure sheet off the app and give it a number, and then give it to who the admissions office. But then you get to the PS and its about being a URM and its pretty obvious they can still do AA. Silly at best.

You Gotta Have Faith wrote:
vanwinkle wrote:
You Gotta Have Faith wrote:The only 3 categories that benefit from URM status are (1) Blacks/African-Americans, (2) Hispanics (some more than others... Cubans get the least benefit), and (3) Native-Americans (you need a tribal identification).

Bolded is incorrect. For Hispanics, the categories that get the biggest benefit are Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans. Every other nationality gets a smaller benefit, or none at all, from what I've been able to tell.

However, the overall gist of it (URM = Black, MX or PR Hispanic, or Native American, and that's it) is correct.

1) I'm curious to know which Hispanic-related nationalities get no boost at all in your opinion. I was under the impression that all of them got *some* degree of boost.

2) While I know that Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are the main "beneficiaries" so to speak... I was under the impression that along the continuum, Cubans got the least help. That may be wrong... I dunno, nor do I really care too much, haha.

3) In any case, I'm more under the impression that this fluctuates somewhat from school to school. As one poster pointed out, at Berkeley, there's a different set of priorities. But working in the other direction, I'm pretty sure that some schools are more lacking in one type of URM than another. Thus, their needs/preferences vary, despite the fact that 2 or 3 types of URM would be considered *roughly* equal.

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You Gotta Have Faith

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Re: Could I be considered URM???

Postby You Gotta Have Faith » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:35 pm

Where is >:-)

Where is he?

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Re: Could I be considered URM???

Postby vanwinkle » Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:14 am

You Gotta Have Faith wrote:Where is >:-)

Where is he?

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