Dumbest Law School Move you know of.........

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Re: Dumbest Law School Move you know of.........

Postby T14_Scholly » Fri Apr 30, 2010 8:10 pm

CCN wrote:
PlugInBaby wrote:
nyknicks wrote:90K NU, for Fordham full ride.

I don't think this move is necessarily dumb. The person probably really preferred New York and was quite debt adverse; just a different set of priorities. I can imagine taking Fordham in those circumstances. Then again if you replace Fordham with Cardozo or Brooklyn.....dumb.

Nope, it's pretty dumb. Debt aversion and frugality go hand in hand w/ a consideration for gainful employment.
What's especially dumb about this move is... the person was intelligent enough to get 90K @ NU, but apparently ignorant enough not to capitalize on the offer.

The others with 152s and 2.Xs were hopeless from the beginning with no opportunity for advancement.

Do you know for a fact that the person didn't have a legitimate personal reason to not want to go far away from NYC?

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Re: Dumbest Law School Move you know of.........

Postby BigA » Fri Apr 30, 2010 8:48 pm

You Gotta Have Faith wrote:If I'm not mistaken, Lincoln Law School is not ABA approved, correct? I thought that one was just a CA Bar type of school (unless we're referring to two different places).

As for the high school thing, there are SOME respectable law schools out there that will let you graduate quicker if you combine it with their undergrad (such as Tulane, doing ugrad and law school in 6 years total). So I guess in a very technical way you could be "admitted" even though you wouldn't get to start the law school part until you were done with the ugrad part. But then again, such programs usually contingent upon certain performance, etc.

Interesting. So you take your LSAT before Undergrad??

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