Advice on How to Approach a Strange Situation

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Re: Advice on How to Approach a Strange Situation

Postby legalized » Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:26 pm

ihurtmyselftoday wrote:
legalized wrote:
ihurtmyselftoday wrote:5. If you don't get in this cycle, spend some time in the world getting experience that you can use for a stronger package in the future.

If you need examples of addendums or optional essays, PM me.

Um, don't get in? There is no way he will NOT get accepted somewhere.

In this economy I really think people need to either go to a top 5 (possibly top 10 but not if some at the top 5 still have to hustle for a job, say the lower 50%!) or a school in the geographic area they wish to practice.

I don't think Georgetown and those other lower T14s make sense for the price right now unless you plan to practice in the DC metro area. All the news points to the top firms simply digging deeper into the pool from top schools, which means less and less chance of getting even an interview with them the further you go down from the T-5, maybe T-10.

Let's not have him put off his dream of law school because the job market out there is improving but not fast enough for him to bank 2 years on any kind of meaningful career development.

He could spend that time applying this fall and be 1/3 of the way done SOMEwhere by starting law school next fall.

How much of your post would you say has anything to do with this thread? 10, maybe 15%? Hmm? "None" is the answer. None percent.

ROFL sorry you think that way. I was addressing the specific portion i quoted, not the original topic of the thread. As i thought was evident by me...quoting it. :)

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Re: Advice on How to Approach a Strange Situation

Postby ihurtmyselftoday » Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:01 pm

OP: The bottom-line is that you can get into a good law school with your background. But if you end up short of your top 5 choices, don't feel that all is lost. You may find that waiting a year or two and getting what you want is better for you than settling and trying to transfer. Regardless, there is no reason you shouldn't at least try to apply to a T14 school this cycle.

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