NonDisclosure of past transcripts

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NonDisclosure of past transcripts

Postby sourpatchkid » Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:48 am

I'm applying to law school next year. I'll be in my last year of my four year degree come next fall. When I was 18 I entered university and flunked out BIG TIME. I spent THREE years at that school and failed miserably - did not go to class, didn't write final exams etc. My gpa at that school is pretty much nil. I was an immature, lost idiot back then.

6 years later I entered a different degree program at a different university and am doing GREAT! I totally turned things around because I finally figured out my purpose and why I wanted to be in school in the first place. I have gotten straight A's this past year (A-'s and A's) and prior years were a good mix of high B's and A-'s.

I am really worried though. What if disclosing the first transcript where I failed totally throws all chances of law school out the window??? The schools I'm applying to look at the last two years in considering applicants, but still I'm wondering if flunking that miserably initially would just screw me? should I disclose the first transcript? or take a gamble?

Any input? Anyone ever have a similar situation? anything?

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Re: NonDisclosure of past transcripts

Postby tadams86 » Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:51 am

you have to disclose everything, they will find out, and when they do...ur fawked!

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Re: NonDisclosure of past transcripts

Postby phoenix323 » Thu Apr 01, 2010 3:03 am

To OP, however much you think this weakens your app, lying is infinitely worse. People have gotten into law school with extensive criminal records and various academic issues. Schools just want you to disclose. If you do omit this transcript, the schools will find out. And if by chance they don't, this lie will come out during C&F and you will be royally screwed.

If anyone on T L S, or anywhere, tells you any different, they are just dead wrong.

Good luck on your upcoming cycle. Just play up your massive upward grade trend and study your butt off for the LSAT.


P.S. I don't know what is up with all these weird spelling issues. I definitely did not type "lawl skool". Is this an April Fool's joke by T L S?

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