Backdoor(s) to law school admission. List 'em.

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Re: Backdoor(s) to law school admission. List 'em.

Postby PDaddy » Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:37 pm

MURPH wrote:
PDaddy wrote:I forgot another back door: Getting admitted to B-School or another grad program at the college or university can score points, depending on the school. I mean, you're already at the school, right? They give weight to that.

In fact, NULaw takes it one step further. It has a transparent backdoor to its 3-yr JD/MBA program via it's B-School (no LSAT required!)

This is actually a pretty good strategy. Most law schools have cross disciplinary courses offered. If, for example, you were in a philosophy program you could take a law and philosophy course one semester and a jurisprudence course another semester. Take courses with law school professors not philosophy professors. Get A's, participate, visit office hours, etc then hit them up for LORs. Certainly two strong LORs from professors at that particular school who can actually attest that you are capable of doing excellent work would be a strong soft.

MURPH, maybe what you're saying could work, despite what Peter North is saying. I think full immersion into B-School would work. In fact, I have seen it done. But what you propose isn't all that nutty. Remember...OP asked about "back doors"; the ideas aren't supposed to all sound conventional. Peter and I usually agree on things, but I have to disagree with him this time.

Peter North wrote:Fair enough. Agreed.
Applying from the law schools for a Wharton MBA or a Kellogg MBA or a Booth MBA won't buy any "street credz" from the b-school's add comm, unlike how like how NYU allows 1L/2L students to apply to the JD/MBA without the GMAT.

Conversely, I'd venture a guess and say that for schools like Harvard, Yale, Cornell,etc. if one were to apply to the JD/MBA, adcomms at the b-schools would look at the law admission rather favorably.

In other words, a law school enrollment is somewhat of a "benefit" (but not a true "back door"), if seeking entry to a b-school's MBA program. Vice-versa, it's not the same, unless at schools like U. Penn, Chicago or NW.

North, you confused me above (see italics and underlines). But I also disagree with the overall argument that the only way b-school carries any cache' with law schools is if the b-school program is elite. Law schools at universities and colleges with top-50 b-school programs accept 1st year b-school students all the time.
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Re: Backdoor(s) to law school admission. List 'em.

Postby MURPH » Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:47 pm

Another backdoor is to get a foreign law degree then apply for an American LLM program. These programs may be easier to get into under some limited circumstances. Maybe if your undergrad GPA is terribly low and you are not a good standardized test taker. You'd have no chance of getting into a decent US school. But you could prove yourself somewhere else then go for the US degree. (probably easier to just go to a TTT, but whatever)

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Re: Backdoor(s) to law school admission. List 'em.

Postby cutiewiddlebebe » Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:15 am

Friend of a friend had a letter of recommendation from Condoleezaa Rice. 3 for 3 on HYS.

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