LOCI separate from Update to Criminal Record?

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LOCI separate from Update to Criminal Record?

Postby ChattTNdt » Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:09 pm

I have been held for further review at one of my only two real safeties, and the only one I would actually attend, although I applied to four other schools well within the reach of my numbers (in my profile). Based on how my cycle has gone, I NEED to ensure that I gain admission to this school, or else I may not have anywhere else to go this fall.

Just two weeks before sending my applications out, I was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession (my first mark on my record, of any sort). I spent a night in jail, but did not have a court date for the pending charge until mid-February. I obtained a judicial diversion and the charge will be dropped from my record upon completion of 6 months probation. This is the only school that I have not updated with this information, as I sent 3 of my 6 applications out immediately after my court date.

I want to write a brief LOCI in response to the notification that I have been "held" (received 2/19). The admissions office has not been particularly helpful, so I wondered if any TLS'ers had any suggestions. Because I want to get these updates in as soon as possible, I plan to send them to admissions via email attachment. Should I write a LOCI separate from this update, or combine the two since I will be sending them together?


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Re: LOCI separate from Update to Criminal Record?

Postby starsong » Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:03 am

My opinion: send separately. Your LOCI should be a substantive letter on your desire to attend. The criminal update is more of an administrative/procedural matter that is just fulfilling a requirement, so I would just write a very brief addendum and leave it at that.

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