NYU Financial Aid Bonanza

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Re: NYU Financial Aid Bonanza

Postby im_blue » Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:09 pm

tomhobbes wrote:Interestingly enough, NYU's Dean supported the idea of t6 at the ASW. At one point he said something like "there are six law schools that everyone agrees are the top six... Harvard, NYU, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, Chicago (he mixed up the order something like this, probably intentionally) and after that, it's up in the air." So not even NYU supports t5.

LOL of course they support T6, because they'd be out of T5. Just like Cornell touting their Ivy status. :roll:
Yes, this is blatant anti-NYU trolling.

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Re: NYU Financial Aid Bonanza

Postby Rock of Love » Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:44 pm


At the bottom of the award letter, it says:

"All awards are provisional and subject to change until all required documentation is received and reviewed by our office. Please submit your 2009 federal income tax forms (and all schedules), W-2s and those of your spouse and your parents by May 15. It is your responsibility to see that all documents are received and your application is complete. Delays may result in removal or reduction of your institutional award."

When I filled out the form originally they said they would request further documentation if they had questions. Does this serve as an official send-us-your-stuff-or-lose-the-award notice? It's just a note at the bottom that I think appears on all the award letters they sent out. I haven't heard of other schools requiring all your tax documents sent directly to the school.

Thanks for any input.

EDIT: Found in the FAQ section where they said don't send official tax documents until they're asked for:
Please do not send copies of tax returns prior to our request for them. We may request copies of both your and
your parents' tax returns for verification purposes once an award has been determined. If you have already sent
copies of the returns, please be advised that, for security purposes, these documents were shredded and may be
requested from you at a later date.

So does that small note at the bottom of the award letter count as an official request?

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