Overrated and Underrated Schools (In your opinion)

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Re: Overrated and Underrated Schools (In your opinion)

Postby ravens20 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:57 am

im_blue wrote:
OneKnight wrote:
im_blue wrote:Over-rated: NYU, Berkeley, Georgetown

Under-rated: Chicago, Duke, Northwestern

Jesus, how could Chicago be under-rated? It's in CCN, and it's far cry from HYS. It's just where it needs to be.

non-existent lay prestige, less cool location than CN, tied with Berkeley for #6 (I think even #7 at one point), people hating it for cold weather, competitiveness, and "where fun goes to die" reputation

All of which are completely true by the way. :D
And you forgot to mention its pristine Hyde Park surroundings. :mrgreen:

Nah but seriously Chicago is not underrated - I mean are you saying it belongs with HYS?

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Re: Overrated and Underrated Schools (In your opinion)

Postby underdawg » Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:45 am

overrated: claims about school "culture" (based on ASW trips) that can never be really proven between peer schools because no one attends both of them

underrated: leighton meester. blake lively seems to get all the attention

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