Why is it called T14

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Re: Why is it called T14

Postby BackToTheOldHouse » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:45 pm

neonx wrote:Not to appear psychotic, but I averaged the ranks of the T14 schools over the past 10 years (2002 to 2011):


EDIT: mistake on Cornell; woopsies. But you get the point. Berkeley is the only real big mover.

Go Bears!

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Re: Why is it called T14

Postby BrianGriffintheDog » Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:11 am

'cause 7 + 7 is 14 and having two 7s feels nice

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Re: Why is it called T14

Postby Lawquacious » Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:14 am

D. H2Oman wrote:It's actually T13.

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