My GPA..what do you think?

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My GPA..what do you think?

Postby jeremychristiansen » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:38 am

I have asked this question somewhat before but would still like more feedback. I took concurrent enrollment classes in high school (2002-2004) and did poorly. I didn't really have a lot of direction at the time. I made a lot of life changes after graduating high school in 2005 and when I moved away from home and went to a much larger University than the community college where I was at pulled a 4.0. I took two years off (2006-2008) for volunteer time in a foreign country then came back and have maintained a 4.0 ever since. My LSDAS GPA will be like a 3.7 I think when I apply. Do you think that some schools will look at that GPA and make the obvious leap to the conclusion that I have actually done very well in undergrad (at the same time being married and having children) when it appears by the numbers that I only did well? What do you guys think? For a school that my LSAT is at their 25% do you think my GPA helps out any?

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Re: My GPA..what do you think?

Postby MURPH » Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:56 pm

The standard reply is that your LSAC GPA is the only one that counts. It sucks but it seems true. You may have an advantage early in the cycle but otherwise your LSAT and GPA determines everything.

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