165 LSAT, 3.0 Undergrad GPA, 3.4 Master's GPA

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165 LSAT, 3.0 Undergrad GPA, 3.4 Master's GPA

Postby Icculus » Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:08 am

With a 165 LSAT, undergrad 3.0 and Master's 3.4 should I be applying to top tier schools or should I go part time and continue to work? I will be 31 years old in Sept. 2011 and not sure if I should give up 4 years of work. Any thoughts from people who might be in the same boat or were i the same boat? I want a good position out of school but not if it means I am destitute. Also, I am a teacher so I have my summers to work internships, summer law jobs, etc....I am thinking about Suffolk since it is the only night school offered in Boston. Could I get into a BC or BU with these numbers?

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Re: 165 LSAT, 3.0 Undergrad GPA, 3.4 Master's GPA

Postby MagicallyDelicious » Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:02 am

Unlikely. People with your numbers would be below the 5th percentile at BU, BC, and peer schools. Suffolk PT, on the other hand, should be a safe bet. HTH.

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