When Should I Apply?

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When Should I Apply?

Postby Kikero » Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:46 am

Ok, so let me start out by saying I slightly confused about how Law Schools look at GPA's. Since you apply considerably before graduation from Under-grad school, I assume they can only look at your GPA up until the current time, as your final GPA would not be determined yet.

Anyway, here is my situation and question.

I am a Junior at a fairly small private university, and I just took the LSAT in February, scoring a 173. Currently my GPA is about a 3.82. But here's the part that I'm not sure about. My freshman year I did well, but not remarkably; I had just below a 3.6 GPA after my first year of school. The last three semesters I have gotten 4.0's and am expecting to get one for this semester as well as long as I don't flop on any final exams. Basically I started out without performing as well as I could and am now trying to make up for it, trying to increase my GPA. As I am trying to get into T14 schools, I realize it is very competitive, so here is my question:

Is it better to apply as early as possible in the Fall, or to wait until December after the end of the semester when I will (presumably) have an extra semester of 4.0 to boost my GPA? Is the early application worth more or less than an extra tenth or two on my GPA?

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Re: When Should I Apply?

Postby Grizz » Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:25 am

Your GPA is strong already. Apply early. A bunch of good schools will accept you straight away. You can then update your GPA when your fall grades come out. I wouldn't wait until your fall grades finally get through LSAC, and this might make you a later applicant than you would like.

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