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University of Idaho

Postby FranklinFive » Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:03 am

Are there any U of I students on this board? I have a few questions, if I may:

How do you rate your overall experience with/impression of your school? Are there any unique issues, positive or negative, of which a prospective student should be aware?

What's the political climate like among students and faculty? Given the school's location in a "red" state, I'd assume fairly conservative, but then again academia's reputation has been traditionally liberal. For what it's worth, I consider myself very Libertarian. Would I more likely than not find myself among like-minded individuals?

Where do most U of I law students reside? I've never been to Idaho, but I get the impression from Google Maps that Moscow is a very small city (smaller than what I'm used to here in northern NJ, at least). Do most students live within city limits, or in outlying small towns and such? I'd certainly welcome a departure from the pace of urban life; not to mention high taxes, crime, etc.; I also enjoy outdoor activities, and can do without the "nightlife" one characteristically expects to find in big cities, so I think overall I'd fit in.

Any help would be quite appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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