Quick app question.. (Loyola Chicago)

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Quick app question.. (Loyola Chicago)

Postby rocker1487 » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:38 pm

Hey TLSers,

I would appreciate if anybody can shed light on this. I'm in the process of filling out an app (Loyola Chicago) and there's a question asking if you've ever met with a representative. I have, I just don't remember their name and can't find their business card as it was 6 months ago. Despite the fact that filling out this section is optional, I wrote the optional essay about how meeting with the representative and learning about the school's goals and values made me want to attend. Is leaving the rep's name blank on the app a bad idea? Or is leaving that optional section entirely blank equally a bad idea? I really don't want to raise any red flags, especially this late in the cycle. I'd appreciate any feedback, Thanks.

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Re: Quick app question.. (Loyola Chicago)

Postby Waggly Toast » Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:27 pm

What are the chances that the reperesentative actually remembers you? Did you do or say anything memorable? Could you contact the school and find out with whom you spoke? Could you find the name of a representative present wherever you were (at the school, a conference, a seminar, etc.) and list that individual as a best guess? Chances are, they don't remember you either. It might be risky, but you could always say you got mixed up.

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