How much does visiting law schools help chance of admissions

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Re: How much does visiting law schools help chance of admissions

Postby kelc213 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:16 am

Visiting is important not just so the school can get some kind of impression on you, but you also can tell if you even fit into the environment. What if you visit and don't like it, regardless of it being the highest ranked school on your list?

Also, I think adcomms and people that work in admissions in general probably have an eye for who would enjoy and enhance their school. If you visited, met with people/took a tour, and got rejected, well maybe they're doing you a favor and saying that you're really not a fit and probably wouldn't like it at X school anyway.

(this wasn't my personal experience, but visiting a few schools that were on my list showed me why they shouldn't be on my list at all, I didn't even bother to applying to the ones I didn't like after visiting. The school I EDed to and got into I fully attribute my acceptance on the basis that I visited, FWIW)

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