want to know about Case West

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want to know about Case West

Postby ykim5 » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:56 pm

I recently been accepted to Case West with scholarship.
(so far only school)
is Tier 2 and that kind of bothered me.
but more and more I research, (and of course the fact that no other school have accepted me and about to graduate) Case West becomes more and more
attractive. Starting salary sounds good (96%of graduate responded to the survey so it seems fairly accurate), ohio sounds good place to stay ..
but if you know anything more please tell me

one of my friend (who got accepted to duke and does not know that I am accepted here) did say, he does not want to wear tier 2 law sweat shirt
because it embarrasses him...
but.. does it really make that much difference between rank 50 and rank 55?

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Re: want to know about Case West

Postby traehekat » Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:13 pm

There is a difference between Duke and a T2, but not much of a difference between 50 and 55 (as far as prestige goes). Basically, there is YHS, T14, T30, T1, T2, T3/4. Most schools outside of the T14 are going to be regional. Case Western is no exception. However, Case seems to have a good reputation in Ohio and if that is where you want to be when you graduate it is a good choice, especially with money.

Your friend is an idiot if they are choosing one school over another because they would be embarrassed to say they go to a T2. While I would still choose Duke over Case Western, it would be for more substantial reasons. Even still, there is no shame in choosing a T2 who is giving you a decent scholarship over a better ranked school.

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