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Law School Addendum Help

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:34 pm
by Fadedjoebreezy
I feel I need to do an addendum for my applications because of a 7 point higher lsat score. One of the schools emphasizes having an addendum to explain why one LSAT score should have more "weight placed" towards it. Besides the usual jazz of a bad test day (which in reality is what is was) are there any other approaches out there? Anyone with past examples? Could really use the help. Thanks!

Re: Law School Addendum Help

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:37 pm
by ajmiller290
I scored a 156 on the Sept. 2009 LSAT, retook in Dec. and scored 164. Only one school (Loyola-Chicago) asked for an addendum. I provided this:

With a strong motivation to raise my September LSAT score I reevaluated my study strategies. Taking the advice of a professor, I focused strongly on those areas of the test which gave me the most difficulty rather than solely taking practice tests. Doing this made the difference, allowing me to raise my performance in those specific areas.

Accepted w/ $15,000 a year. Hopefully that helps.

Re: Law School Addendum Help

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:12 pm
by Fadedjoebreezy
Thanks. My first test I took a Kaplan accelerated prep course, and I did not test as well. The second time I gave myself 4 months of independent study and focused on areas of the test that I didn't do well on. I wasn't sure if I should mention the independent vs. prep course. Obviously I am the one at fault for my lower first score, but I don't want to make myself "unattractive" to prospective schools on my addendum by writing the wrong thing.

Re: Law School Addendum Help

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:16 am
by Fadedjoebreezy
morning bump

any other approaches/suggestions???

Re: Law School Addendum Help

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:47 am
by traehekat
I had a six point jump from September to December and was asked to provide an explanation of the difference by Loyola - Chicago as well. Here is mine.

The six point variance in my LSAT test scores from September 2009 to December 2009 is best
explained by the difference in methods used to study for the LSAT before and after September.
Prior to September, I relied more upon studying for the LSAT section by section in short bursts.
After I decided to retake the LSAT in December, I took more full length practice tests and was
more prepared to attack the test as a whole, rather than section by section. It is my belief that
after proper preparation, my December LSAT score is more indicative of my ability. I hope this
will help you in the evaluation of my application.

Accepted w/ $60,000. I am not really sure what schools are looking for in an LSAT addendum explaining the difference between two scores. Like, what would be a BAD addendum?

Anyway, just write what actually happened (like you said, you had a bad day, which is understandable), and keep it short and sweet.

Re: Law School Addendum Help

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:02 pm
by Fadedjoebreezy
Thanks!! This will aide greatly in my addendum. After researching on the net, I saw a lot of people saying if your going to write an addendum make sure it is not hurting instead of helping. I don't know exactly what a bad addendum is, but I'd like to (and pretty much have been persuaded) to explain the difference in test scores. Thanks