Pushing back date for statement of intention?

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Pushing back date for statement of intention?

Postby asdfff » Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:38 pm

One of the only schools I've heard back from so far is W&M and since they are offering me a fellowship and a bit of money I'm really considering attending. The thing is, they want a statement of intention form by April 1st, which seems kind of soon to me.My applications were in by late December and I'm afraid I might not hear back form other schools that I like by April 1st and hearing back from waitlisted schools seems more or less impossible by that time.
Does anyone know if schools will push back the date for a statement of intention? Should I ask or will that look strange? The first deposit isn't due until May 1st, so it seems like there might be a bit of room to work with.

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