Presenting at a conference...should I update resume?

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Presenting at a conference...should I update resume?

Postby domeafavor » Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:24 am

In my past life as a master's student, I submitted an abstract for a presentation at a (pretty important) national conference being held this coming March. I just found out that I've been selected. I'm a reverse splitter, so I feel like every little 'soft' I can throw in would help. I also just submitted a journal article for publication. I probably won't hear back about the article for a few months, but the presentation is a done deal. What's the best way for me to notify schools of this?

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Re: Presenting at a conference...should I update resume?

Postby thelawguy777 » Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:11 pm

If it's a significant contribution to your resume I would send a small memo telling about the addition and then a copy of your updated resume.

I also had a few things that could have been added to my resume but I decided not to update it. This was mainly because they seemed minimal and did not give any new surprising information to my overall app. It all boils down to how significant, in your opinion, are the additions.

Now, if you are on the waitlist somewhere, absolutely send them. Either way, this is a great way of getting in some dialogue to the admissions committee that you are continuing to improve your experience/credentials. It's really a great chance to show your continuing active participation.

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