Question For those who score over 170

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Re: Question For those who score over 170

Postby andreea7 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:05 pm

I scored 176. I used to score 163, all because of logic games. I was not very patient and I didn't at first realize that they are not really "games." Anyway, I was very systematic and in a few weeks I got really good at it. I would also recommend the Powerscore Logic Games Bible or any powerscore books for the sections you have trouble with. Expensive, but worth it.
I also did close to every practice test out there. It is important to notice what kind of games you are having trouble with -- is it grouping for example? Work on those, go back to them slowly, figure it out and then go back and do the timed ones.

My strategy at the actual test was to start with the games that I knew would not pose a problem for me. I freaked out though because I thought I may have written the answers for the wrong questions since I was jumping around that section. Anyway, because my strategy was to first do the ones I knew would be really easy for me, it was important to actually know which ones those were. And since I had done all logic games I could find, I was already familiar with all types.

For the other sections, the powerscore book is great. Basic explanations of logic concepts were of great help for those few questions I sometimes missed. Don't get too bogged down on the classifications in the powerscore books. They don't matter as much.

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