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Postby charlesxavier » Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:18 pm

I know this was a somewhat popular topic, but I couldn't find a definite answer. My school has an NC option for higher level math classes and it is supposed to be a better alternative to a W. They hope that you keep going to class and learn material to help you when you repeat the course. I changed my major Sophomore year while I was getting a C in the class, so the professor suggested that I take the NC because the course was unnecessary and the C would hurt my GPA. So, is there no hope for me that the NC doesn't get calculated as an F in my GPA? It's weird because the NC actually replaces D+,D, and D-, but you can still get an F. So, it seems that my university's attempt to help students avoid D's and a 1.0 getting calculated into their GPA will actually lead me to get a 0.0 calculated into my GPA :oops: What really hurts is that it was a 4 credit GPA gets docked .19. I didn't quite understand what the circumstances were surrounding the NC (if there were any) that changed whether it got factored into a GPA or not.

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Postby im_blue » Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:06 pm

If you got NC and your transcript shows that 4 credits were attempted, then you get 4 F's toward your LSDAS GPA, even if your undergrad doesn't count it.

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