Deferrals? Re-applying?

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Deferrals? Re-applying?

Postby JohnHawkins » Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:06 pm

So, I had a question for everyone about the process of deferring an acceptance for no good reason at all. I was talking with a 3L at a T10 school recently and he strongly encouraged me to take time off before law school to recharge, consider the market, etc. His advice seemed solid and I'm considering it. The only issue is that my apps are already all in. Assuming I get an acceptance somewhere (knock on wood), how likely am I to get a one-year deferral without a compelling reason?

If I don't get a deferral and end up turning down the law school, am I basically blacklisted if I apply there again in the future? I'm fairly certain that I want to go to law school, but he offered some good reasons to do something else for a year or two before diving into the pool.

Just curious what the consensus on this is...

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