long is too long?

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Postby danmcd » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:30 pm

Hey people

I'm trying to put together a health addendum that relates to my GPA as well as LSAT performance. It's a necessary part of my application, and it's legit - I have narcolepsy and was not medicated until a month or so ago.

I realize addenda are generally supposed to be as brief as possible, but I've taken up a little more than a page single spaced. It's actually slightly longer than my PS. Do you think it's ok since it addresses multiple "numbers issues" as well as a general health issue? Should I assume they know what narcolepsy is and completely cut out any explanation of the disorder? I could make it a couple lines long and say "I have narcolepsy, didn't know wtf was going on, now I'm all good", but I dunno, it feels a bit empty like that.

Alternatively, should I just use it as a diversity statement?

Advice would be appreciated, as always.


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Re: long is too long?

Postby eshort » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:45 pm

I do not know what would be appropriate, but I would say that over a page single spaced is probably too long. Make it as short as you can with all of the relevant information (sorry that is so vague ><).


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Re: long is too long?

Postby cubswin » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:48 pm

I would bet they knew would narcolepsy is. Perhaps you should just explain how severe your case of it is.

Concision is a virtue.


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Re: long is too long?

Postby danmcd » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:53 pm

cubswin wrote:Concision is a virtue.

Absolutely. With all the explaining I've had to do over the past few years, I guess I'm just tempted to go down that road and babble. Will cut it down.

Thanks guys, best of luck with all your apps.

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Re: long is too long?

Postby traehekat » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:59 pm

Be as concise as possible, they will appreciate that.

That said, if it takes that long to accurately explain what happened and why it is relevant, then I guess there is not much you can do about it. I am guessing you can probably cut a few things out, and I agree with the previous poster who said that anything over one page single spaced is a little much.

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Re: long is too long?

Postby WhiskeyGuy » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:17 pm

Whether you need to explain narcolepsy depends on what you are saying about it. It would help if we could read what you wrote.

Without having read it, I think your addendum is too long. You want to explain what narcolepsy is and how it has affected your GPA and LSAT. I imagine that wouldn't be more than two or three paragraphs.

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