Resume questions

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Resume questions

Postby PunjabiLower » Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:11 am

1. On some applications, it says to include academic honors, jobs, or extra curriculars right on the application. I just said: "Please see attached resume". I just thought it would show my activities and work experience in a more clear fashion than trying to write it out in paragraph format. The applications have a paragraph box to put this information down and I thought a resume would be a better place to include it. Verdict?

2. One application said to include an attachment for academic honors and list it as attachment A and another for activities and list it as attachment B. I just said on both:"please see attached resume". I didnt include attachment A or B. I just attached a resume with both sets of information included. Verdict?

3. One application said to include the number of hours I spent on each activity. I didn't put this information down, but I did include it for my work experience. Will this hurt me because I heard some law schools look down on applicants who clearly do not follow instructions.

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