Georgetown part time?

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Georgetown part time?

Postby zreinhar » Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:06 pm

Fun stuff, TLS what do you guys think?

I have a 3.71 LSAC GPA in EE, I got a 155 on my Dec. Test, but got epically nervous (FWIW, that is lower than my diag.) and am supremely confident I can do much better (10+ points) My main question is this, I checked the "apply for both" box for Gtown, and I asked them to hold my app until Feb scores are available. What kind of score do I need to do part time there? Full time? Should I call them and ask them to change my selection to PT with the reason being that I am pursuing FT work as a patent agent? (I kinda am) Alas, I am also looking to go to Emory as well, what kind of score will I need to get in (note that I am not planning on any money given that I am applying so late) hate/love appreciated and don't hesitate to be brutal. I really don't want to postpone the app cycle and only will under two circumstances, an insanely high Feb score, (above 172) or too low for Emory (below 163)

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