Questions about disciplinary and legal action statements

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Questions about disciplinary and legal action statements

Postby bair » Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:23 pm

1. Scholastic statement
I am required to send an "electronic explanation" because I was suspended from school for academic reasons. Do I delve into the reasons for this in this explanation (immaturity, addictions, etc.)? My instinct tells me to just say exactly when, how, and for what I was disciplined and to leave the more elaborate causes/reasons for my required 2 page personal statement. Is this correct?

2. Legal background
I am also required to send an electronic explanation because I have pled no contest to something greater than a minor traffic offense. I was arrested for DUI, however it was reduced to a reckless before I even got to the police station (I was in the back of the cop car at the same location where I was pulled over) because I was cooperative, really not that drunk, and originally pulled over for something really borderline. Should I explain any of this? Or should my statement simply read "I pled no contest to a reckless driving charge on this date." with no reasoning? Does anyone know if a "reckless driving reduced from a DUI" is actually a charge, or is it just a reckless?


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Re: Questions about disciplinary and legal action statements

Postby j.wellington » Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:59 pm

A police officer cannot "reduce" your charge in the back of a cop car. It sounds like you were never charged with a DUI to begin with, though the officer was letting you know you could have been. Retrieve the court records to be sure, but my bet is that the only charge against you is reckless driving, and that's all you should report. You should give a few details about the time and place, but if there is no mention of alcohol in the police report, you needn't insert that.

As for the academic suspension, I would be pretty detailed about it. If it's something semi-serious (and if you were suspended, it probably was), then they're not going to look past it unless you show some remorse. If you're vague about it they have every right to assume the worst. Use the addendum to your advantage and show them you've grown.

I'm going through this process myself, so I'm no expert, but I've been consulting a lot of people about these kinds of things and that's my take.

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