EDIT: Thanks all

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EDIT: Thanks all

Postby cmsn » Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:04 am

Because of the personal nature of this, I will probably delete it soon, but I need advice.

Thanks for the advice !
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Re: Traumatic Experience Addendum

Postby worldtraveler » Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:36 am

Divulge it. Yes, it will be considered a valid excuse, although it's debatable as to what effect addendums have. The fact that your grades went up after it will help.

If you want more info, PM me. I had to write the same addendum and I got into Berkeley/NYU with a sub 3.5

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Hattori Hanzo

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Re: Traumatic Experience Addendum

Postby Hattori Hanzo » Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:31 am

All Bs in one semester doesn't sound all too bad academically. If that was the only semester that you got bad grades, your GPA should be high enough to not need an addendum. If that wasn't the only semester, then having a valid excuse for tanking one semester amongst several wouldn't help much. So I guess it depends on your GPA and your performance in other semesters.

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