Operation: Enduring Yale 250s

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Re: Operation: Enduring Yale 250s

Postby pdaines » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:54 am

Max the Scientist puts his cat Schrodinger into a box. This box will kill the cat if an atom fissions, a “quantum” event which occurs one half of the time.

The Many Worlds interpretation of this experiment says that, when Max runs the machine, the world splits into two distinct universes: one in which the particle fissions and Schrodinger dies, one in which the particle stays whole and so does the cat. Each universe also contains a Max the Scientist. When the Max’s look inside the box, they discover whether they are Max-One, who is in the universe with a live cat, or Max-Two, with a dead one.

As bizarre as this sounds, it is a very plausible way of translating quantum mechanical theory into the physical world with which we are familiar. But it has some strange consequences:

Max climbs into the box and triggers the experiment. The universe splits into two: one with a live Max, one with a dead Max. But the thing about being dead is that you are not around to notice the fact. Subjectively, Max only perceives the universe in which he still lives.

The universe is just this experiment writ large. Every event that could possibly kill you is a result of quantum interactions which divide the universe into worlds in which you are alive and worlds in which you are dead. Subjectively, you will only experience those universes where you continue to live. Subjectively, you will never die. You have “quantum immortality.”

This is great. But because I am an anal law student, I am going to point out that just because the universe splits (presuming that it actually does) every time there are multiple options does not necessitate that every time your death is an option, that your lack of death will also be an option. Ergo, you live longer or shorter in various realities, but since there is a zero percent probability that you will live to be a thousand, there can be no possible realities in which you live that long.

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Re: Operation: Enduring Yale 250s

Postby 999342 » Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:48 pm

173/3.8/Weak softs

Last year, I conducted an experiment: I used she, instead of he, as a universal pronoun in a final essay. The grader circled every she and her on the page. The addition of one extra letter alerted him to gendered pronouns. Female pronouns exclude men, but male pronouns do not exclude women. For some unknown reason, men are the default in our society.

My experiment was the culmination of over a year of self-study in an attempt to understand the philosophical origins and consequences of our gendered society. My goal was not to catalog the disadvantages women face—I began this journey because I had an insatiable desire to understand why. Gender theory is a rigorous analysis of who we are as a society. Distinct, unequal genders span all cultures, and gender theory can provide universal yet intimate explanations for this inequality. However, as I moved through the gender theory canon, with each book I became more disappointed. Contradictions, archaic ideas, circular arguments—I began to wonder if the answer was even there.

I am an economics student. I am used to answers being readily available or mathematically derivable. But the answer I came to was neither of these things. Why does he encompass all genders, but she refer only to women? Over fifteen books later, the only conclusion I have come to is that we do not, and may never, understand the universality of the male.

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Re: Operation: Enduring Yale 250s

Postby Phyr » Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:52 pm

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Re: Operation: Enduring Yale 250s

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