Diversity Statement Help, Sexual Assault (mental health)

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Diversity Statement Help, Sexual Assault (mental health)

Postby mfleviathan2 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:25 pm

Hi TLS Community,

I am pondering whether to write a DS for my application. The content is sensitive and could be frowned upon by ADCOMS.
TLDR: sexual assault in July 2018 led to extreme depression, anxiety, PTSD
I explain steps I took to get stronger including finishing senior year with a 3.9 avg (higher LSAC GPA)
I lastly explain how I am motivated to be a legal advocate for survivors, neglected trauma victims, and work towards reducing the stigma of mental health illness, especially with being empathetic through my experiences with my law school peers.

The who thing is 1 page double paged. PM if you can read and give feedback. Appreciate it.

Side note: 3.94 (LSAC GPA)
166, took july hoping for 168
decent PS and RECS
Two stupid character and fitness issues, one dismissed due to lack of evidence and other wet reckless shortly after the sexual assault. Of course no excuse.

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