Dropouts personal statement 1st draft

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Dropouts personal statement 1st draft

Postby dropout » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:41 pm

The opportunity to study at desired Law School would help me fulfill many of my goals. I have wanted to be an attorney since I was a child. During this time my desire to complete law school and become an attorney has remained strong. The practice of law represents excellence to me and I have always strived for excellence in my life. No field captures my interest more than law and I believe I am gifted with the tools needed to think like a lawyer.
My earlier law studies were unsuccessful because I had severe symptoms from untreated (mental illness). I was in denial about my limitations at the time which caused me to enter programs which I was unable to devote the needed time towards. This experience helped me grow as a professional and taught me to ensure self-preparedness before accepting new responsibilities. Despite my struggles during law school I believe that I can succeed in my studies. I am now able to devote the time needed for succeeding in law school and working as an attorney because my symptoms are very manageable.
I recently completed an MBA in November of 2018 with a 3.77 GPA. This required me to study for 12 hours a week. Further, I was volunteering at the Rescue Mission of Utica as a tutor for 8 hours a week, and at In Education as a paralegal for 5 hours a week. If I have the opportunity to attend desired Law School I intend to spend even more time a week working towards my educational goals.
My volunteer work for In Education has offered me the chance to apply lessons learned from my MBA program in real business situations. I have found that adding a business perspective to the creation of organizational policies for a non-profit is very helpful. I enjoy laying the foundation for the non-profit as it continues to expand and serve new students. I have played a large role in the legal department at In Education. I have received certificates of excellence for areas ranging from Volunteer of the Quarter to Paralegal Team Projects.
I am interested in business law and I believe that my knowledge from business school will be helpful in this field. I enjoy seeing businesses succeed and I frequently ponder how the business could further thrive. In addition, my MBA could become valuable if I instead pursued my interest in starting a firm focusing on social security claims. This work would be very fulfilling to me because I have received social security and I understand that the review process can be to complex and stressful for applicants. I have personally offered social security claim advice, to my now wife, which resulted in her benefit increasing by $107 a month and a lump sum back payment in excess of $3,000 was also issued. These instances are more frequently occurring than should be expected. A degree from Law School would help me gain the confidence of potential clients. I would greatly enjoy helping claimants ensure that they receive all the benefits for which they are eligible.
Legal work is enjoyable to me because each case has a large impact in the lives of the interested parties. I like that the law is always abstract, yet it is also always applied to a specific situation. I would like to study law so that I can make a bigger difference at work and be better prepared to address a variety of legal matters.
Desired Law School is my law school of choice. This is because Desired Law School has strong employment statistics. Further, I am local to City and unable to attend elsewhere since I am a homeowner. My family also lives in the City area and I intend to practice in the City area. I have visited the law school in the past and I was very impressed with the school’s beautiful campus. I believe that Desired Law School is the best choice for me. If I am accepted into Desired Law School I will definitely attend the law school.

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