Mentioning Politics in a diversity essay?

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Mentioning Politics in a diversity essay?

Postby nalls96 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:44 am

I understand that a diversity essay is typically supposed to limit itself to religion, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. However, my PS will be addressing my socioeconomic status, and I have one other factor in my life that has changed who I am as person completely (given me a different world view, ect) and I figure is probably unique. The topic is one that I heard you are not supposed to touch though --- politics. :?

Basically, most of my younger life and young adult life can be characterized through political extremism. I was indoctrinated/strongly influenced to believe in things that I am almost ashamed to even mention. I was involved in some violent episodes with a family member because I refused to agree with him/her on their political beliefs regarding the oppression of minorities/immigrants. Was told that the government wants to become a dictatorship, and that all politicians were corrupt and could not be trusted. It caused a lot of tension in my family and I even rejected an offer to work on a congressional campaign with my state's representative because I was honestly afraid of the reaction I would get if my family ever found out I worked with "one of them". As a first gen, I was nearly brainwashed into believing that universities were created to promote politician's desires and I was constantly reminded that I was becoming a "brain washed, ignorant college kid".

As a result of this oppressiveness and continual mocking from my family, it persuaded me to study government in University, and I am even publishing research furthering Richard Hofstadter's work of the "paranoid style of american politics" where I relate his theories to modern political polarization found within politics today. I also have plans to work as a foreign political affairs intern where I will be discussing key foreign policies in relation to immigration/foreign aid as I now have decided that my personal convictions are more important that the peaceful relationship among family members.

This topic is very important to me (and it might even fit better as my personal statement), but I am worried about the rule of not discussing politics in any college essay. What are your suggestions?

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